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BioNordic is aware that its subsidiaries must evolve to face today's challenges competitively; this evolution must guarantee greater efficiency in the core of its business without detracting from the quality of its back-office processes.

HR & Careers

IT helpdesk and Services

Whether you need help with a simple installation of Microsoft Office, configuration of your email or you need advanced IT services then Sera Scandia Corporate Service Center has you covered. Reach out to either helpdesk or one of our IT specialists.

Group IT Services
We support the group business units with all of their needs in relation to IT infrastructure, software, hardware, and know-how.
IT Helpdesk
Need assistance right now with anything IT-related? Reach out to IT Helpdesk, and a IT specialist will get in touch with you ASAP.
IT Knowledge Base
Collection of all documentation with guides on how to install and setup various group IT solutions, and documents on how to solve common issues.
Accounting and Financial Services

Accounting & Financial Services

Sera Scandia Corporate Service Center offers all companies in the BioNordic group access to Group Accounting and Financial Services.

Financial Services
HR & Careers

HR, Careers & Culture

SeraScandia Corporate Service Center offers all companies in the BioNordic group access to the Group HR software and services.

Human Resources
Get access to our Group HR Software Bamboo, to help our organization automate, centralize, and connect our employee's data all in one place.
Careers & Recruitment for Open Positions
We help the business units in the group to identify the talent needed to develop the business, and help recruit top talent for the position. HR & Culture is determined to develop a healthy corporate culture that ensures our employees thrive thus creating a healthy and sustainable business.
Collection of all documentation in relation to Human Resources
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